Burps &Giggles @ Ipoh – A Possible Venue for Hen’s High Tea ?

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Ipoh Malaysia

Yesterday I went to Burps and Giggles as I had some lone time for lunch so I decided to use this opportunity to survey a possible venue for my hen’s tea party.  As I walked in, I fell in love with the place instantly.  Burps and Giggles is definitely one of its kind in Ipoh – quirky, retro, eclectic.  Ambiance – Check.   

  On the section that you would enter is the bar with the comfy couches and colorful pillows with a Marilyn-Monroe like painting on the wall.  And I was under a false impression that this section is under open air as there are trees (real trees) around with a lot of natural light.

But it’s not – if you look up the ceiling, the ceiling is made of a transparent shield with a few Mary Poppins’ umbrellas hanging around.  I like the concept – a road-side-cafe without the fear of being disturbed by the rain or sun.

B&G has a simple menu – mostly written on blackboards.  But all a good cafe need is a few good dishes and that would be enough for hungry folks to keep coming back for the same thing.

I ordered the “Poulet” (RM16) – the chicken burger and it’s definitely something that I would keep coming back for!  The chicken was fried till golden and crisp with all the juices locked inside.  I like the addition of the pineapple – an unusual item in burgers but creative.   So, Good Food – Check.

The macarons on the other hand, were just alright for me.  Would  have been better if the colors were more intense with a finer texture.

If you are still hungry after the burger, there’s some pinchos at the side in small portions, suitable for people (like me!) who like to savor a bit of everything.

There’s also other cold items in the fridge including sandwiches, drapps, salads and desserts.

After gobbling down the delicious burger, I had more energy to explore around the restaurant!

The interior decor through out the restaurant is fun, chic, and every corner has a little something different and surprises you as you explore around – brick walls, luggage-themed walls and antiques.  I fond two sun bathing ladies playing in the sand in one corner.

And at the back of the restaurant, there is the “lazy-lane”, with more ladies in bikinis. Would have been lovely to sit at the tables here during early morning!

And, most importantly, I found what I was really looking for – a table big enough for a party of ten for my Hen’s tea party!  Space – Check.

Oh, and the toilettes are pretty cool too!

After surveying, I really liked Burps and Giggles and asked for a reservation.  Then, I was told that they don’t take reservations! Even when I was ready to give them a deposit!! So kinda felt like !*#@&*+!+#_($)%!@#)&^%&*! inside……   You mean after all that hard work I had done, taking all the photos, showing my bridesmaids/friends the place, eating the good food, I can’t reserve the place!!?? Now, that would be kinda risky – the risk of not getting the big table on a busy saturday! Anyhow…. let’s see how things turn out …  Still contemplating …. Should I take a risk?

More Info on Burps and Giggles
Address: 93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh Perk, Malaysia
(Behind Kong Heng)
Email:  burps.giggles[at]indulgencerestaurant.com
Operating Hours – 8am – 8pm.  Closed on Tuesdays.