Dinner @ La Farigoule, Gordes France

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France Provence

Angelika (from Les Mas Des Roses) recommended this excellent restaurant La farigoule, about 5 minutes drive away from where we were staying.  It’s in the next village – Les Imberts.  It’s our first restaurant where everything is in French.  The only thing we could understand from the menu-board was – tomato..  but after some discussion with the waitress (who tried her best in explaining to us), we more or less knew what we ordered.

For appetizer, Gary ordered the Farigoule salad.  I love salads with lots of different things inside, and this is one of them! Froie gras, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, smoked salmon, chicken, pepperoni, corn, melon and there was lots of onions to add a spicy kick.  It was an excellent salad with vinaigrette.

My appetizer was the tomato soup, which came with cheese on bruschetta bread.  The tomato soup was sweet, chilled, and perfect for the hot summer.  The cheese on the other hand, I didn’t like it as much.  I am not sure what type of cheese it is, it’s not blue cheese, it’s even more pungent than blue cheese and a little too much for me.

For the main, Gary took the chicken.  A simple roast chicken dish that can’t go wrong.

I took the pork, as explained to me by the waitress.  She was trying to give me more details about the dish as she was explaining, but “pork” was her best shot.  I was expecting pork belly or pork chop, but it was really pork ham.  Not too bad, but overall was a little salty for me as the ham itself was already salty, topped by salty gravy as well.

Standard French bread that’s in all restaurants.

My creme brulee was a variation of the standard one with the addition of coconut shreds.

Gary’s sorbet.

The dessert menu.

We picked our food from the menu board, but they have a separate menu as well.

Table setting at La Farigoule.

The interior of La Farigoule.

Overall, we had a good meal at La Farigoule.  Ambience was comfortable and relaxed in a semi open-air setting.  The speed that the food came out wasn’t the fastest – took about 30 minutes, yet that didn’t bother us too much because that seemed to be the normal pace in laid-back Provence.  In fact, we ate our meal for 2 hours as we were given ample time for each dish.  Now I know why people say the French take a long time to eat their meals!  Food is good in general and our bill only came up to 36 euros, which means the set meal was only 18 euros per person, that came complete with appetizer, main and dessert.  A pleasant surprise after all the expensive meals in Paris!

More Info
Address: Route Gordes Les Imberts, 84220 Gordes, France.
Tel: +3304 9076 9276




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