Apt Market – It’s a Feast for Your Senses @ Apt, France. Day 6 (I)

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France Provence

Saturday market in Apt is a FEAST for your senses!   There’s all sorts of things in the market – all in summery intense colors.  Food, fresh produce, trinkets, flowers, carpets, accessories, art, wine, kitchenware, ornaments and more.  There’s so much to see, to taste and to smell!     Everything is in bulk, and mass size.  Macarons are not the dainty ones you see in Paris, but are almost the size of half a tennis ball! Nougats, cheese, pizza, are not in bits and strips, but in the most original forms they have been produced, in big huge chunks.

As you wonder around in the market, your nose gets pretty busy too.  Lavender scent in the air, seafood smell as you walk pass a big pot of paella, perfume aroma as you walk pass a toiletry store.  All I can say is, it was a busy morning and exciting for us!

See more photos below for our morning at the market.

More Info
Website: http://www.theluberon.com/activities/luberon-markets/apt-market
Opening Hours: 9am to 1pm (some stores start closing at 12.30pm)




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