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Cafe Le Cercle Luxembourg‘s gotta be our favorite cafe in Paris.  We were there 4 times out of our 6 nights in Paris !  Our first encounter with it was after visiting the Pantheon.   We ordered the nicoise salad to share (12.50 euros), which was pretty decent.  Portion was big.

Gary ordered mussels in white wine which came with fries (13 Euros).  Fries were over-fried, but that seems to be the case in France.   The taste was good, but the mussels could be a little fresher (11 euros).

I ordered the chicken pizza (12.90 euros).  It was absolutely heaven with flavorful thyme and an abundance of cheese! A simple dish done right is the most rewarding after a long day.

Our food came with French crusty bread as well.

Overall, the food was in bigger portions than we expected and we enjoyed the food at decent prices. In fact, our food was enough for three.  Since we were pretty happy with our meal, not wanting to explore new restaurants and get an awful experience like the one we had at the Caroussel, we decided to go back again the second time after visiting Chateau de Versailles.

I ordered the smoked salmon salad which came with shrimps. Nice dish with plenty of salmon (15.50 Euros).

Gary ordered the beef burger that came with an extra twist (16.90 Euros).  Notice that piece of foie gras under the slice of tomato? The beef was juicy and with the distinct sweetness of foie gras that seeps into every mouthful, the simple dish was yet another heavenly dish. The foie gras was TO-DIE-FOR!!!!!!

Yes we are gluttons – we ordered another plate of foie gras (13 euros)!! The foie gras was so delicious.  It was sweet, smooth, melts in your mouth and no funny innards smell.  It was what kept us going back to Le Cercle Luxembourg.

Menu at Cafe Le Cercle Luxembourg.

Interior at Cafe Le Cercle Luxembourg.

More Info
Address: Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris
Tel:  +3301 46346398
Getting there: Luxembourg Metro Station





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