Dinner at Le Carrousel, Paris France

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France Paris

After visiting the Louvre, we were dead tired as we’ve had a long day.  We just picked the closest cafe we could find, Le Carrousel.   Sadly, Le Carrousel is where we had our worst meal in Paris.  

The menu seems to have a decent selection of snacks, sandwiches, mains and wine selection at seemingly standard Paris pricing.

When our food arrived, we were really disappointed.  Gary took the smoked salmon sandwich.  The salmon was as thinly cut as possible and the bread had lost the crustiness and was tough.

My chicken arrived with absolutely no presentation. It looked as if the chef has dumped both the fries and the chicken onto the plate.  Luckily it didn’t taste as bad as it looked.  The chef that made these dishes has no love for food!!

Our total bill was 36 euros with the orange juice at 10 euros.  Isn’t that crazy? We would have been better off ordering wine.  Other than the OJ price being so high, other things seem to be standard price.  But with the quality of food and the service you get (waiter was arrogant), Le Carrousel would be a place to avoid.




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