Travelling with 500 Euro Notes in France.

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Stamps I bought at the Post Office in France to break up the 500 euro note.
Travel Tip : Change for more 100 Euro Notes before your travel, enough to last for the first few days of your trip.  If you have 500 Euro notes, go to the post office, buy some stamps and break them up there.

We changed a whole stack of Malaysian Ringgit for a few pieces 500 Euros, and a few pieces of 100 Euro notes.  We didn’t really anticipate any problems that may arise because of the 5oo Euro notes.  In fact, we thought it was convenient because it was light weight and easy to carry around.

Since we only had a few pieces of 100 Euro notes to start with, we thought we should start breaking up the 500 Euro notes.    It turned out that all the cafe waiters said No to our big note! I am not sure whether they are afraid the notes could be fake or they don’t have enough change.  By the end of the first day, we were desperately needing 100 Euro notes.

We went to the bank the second day to break up the 500 Euro note, they said no to us too, and told us that we need to have an account with the bank in order for us to break up the note! I was thinking to myself ” I am a tourist! How am I supposed to have a bank account in France!”.

In the end, it was the Post Office nearby our hotel that saved our day.  The staff told us that she can’t just break up our note without us purchasing anything.  So we bought a few stamps, and that’s how we got our smaller notes:)




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