Eiffel Tower @ Paris France, Day 3 (I)

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France Paris

A visit to Paris is incomplete without visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower !  This is one awesome monument it’s hard to think that when it was first built, it was loathed by the French!   

We were up by 7am, and the early birds do get the worms – here’s our ticket after (ONLY) 1 hour of waiting!

The view from the Eiffel Tower is fantastic with the immediate neighborhood, River Seine, and other spectacular monuments, Sacre Coeur, Arc De Triomphe and Les Invalides.

That’s happy happy us at the Eiffel Tower!

Gustave Eiffel had probably one of the coolest apartment in the world during his time, which is on top of the Eiffel tower! There’s one room that reenacts a meeting between Gustave Eiffel and his prestigious guest in the apartment.

A nice cafe to hang out that’s on the second floor.

If you did not buy the Eiffel Tower tickets in advance online, be at the tower early in the morning because the wait will be loooong.  We were there by 8.30am, and by the time the admission office opened at 9am, we took an hour to queue for the ticket and to go through the security.

We did not get to visit the diamond-studded tower at night – would love to come back again and visit!

More Info
Website: www.tour-eiffel.fr
Tel: +3301 44112323

Opening Hours : Daily Mid-Jun – Aug 9am – midnight.  Daily sept – Mid June 9.30am – 11pm.
Getting there:  RER Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel Station.
Admission Fee: 8 Euros to the top of the tower by lift.
8.5 Euros to the 2nd floor of the tower by lift.
5 Euros to the 2nd floor of the tower by stairs.
Inclusive in Paris Museum pass: No.




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