Sacre Coeur in Blue Night Sky @ Paris France, Day 2 (III)

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We reached Sacre Coeur when the sky was getting dark at around 8.30pm.  The basilica seemed hazy from afar at the hour where everything was dimming. Then, I am not sure what happened, instead of the sky eventually turning even darker, the sky turned blue – so many shades of progressive blues.  Sacre Coeur is so stunning against the blue back-drop.

Sacre Coeur gets livelier as the night gets darker and darker, or should I say, as the night gets bluer and bluer!  You get to see street performances, and there are loads of youths, tourists, hanging out on the steps – and I mean LOADS – I had to squeeze my way through them.

The uphill street from Anvers metro station to Sacre Couer is still busy late ate night as well.

Here’s something to take note of while you are there: there will be scammers around trying to con money off you while you make your way up to the basilica.  These people will look all friendly, striking up conversations with you, and telling you to put out one finger as they want to give you a piece of half-finished friendship band, for free.  Just ignore them, put your hands behind your back, say no thank you and walk away.    Gary gestured no with his hand, and that’s when the scammer looped the friendship-band into his finger… then in lightning speed, the scammer completed the making of the band and asked for money…   Gary just gave him 1 Euro and quickly walked away, while we could still hear the scammer saying “Hey, I want notes….”.  So, Beware.

Do drop by Moulin Rouge as it is only 2 stations away from Sacre Coeur (at the Blanche Station).

More Info
Address: 33 Rue Du Chevalier-de-Barre
Tel: +330 1 5341 8900
Metro : Anvers
Opening Hours : Basilica opens daily – 6am – 10.30pm.  Crypt and dome 9.30am – 7pm in summer.  10am – 5.30pm in winter.
Admission Fee:  Free entry for the basilica.  Charge for crypt and dome.
Inclusive in Paris Museum Pass: No.




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