Maison Georges Larnicol – a Candy Heaven @ Paris France


France Paris

We chanced up on Maison Georges Larnicol, an irresistible candy shop while we were near the Odeon Metro Station.  Piles and piles of macarons totally had my attention with so many wonderful flavours !!   We bought a few to sample and we absolutely loved the macarons.  The macarons are so delicate  and the best way to eat them is right away, as soon as they reach your hands.  I kept a few to savour later on, only to find the dainty macarons crushed to bits in my bag 🙁   The store has so many other types of candies to choose from; it’s a place I want to go again!

Maison Georges Larnicol has a few stores in Paris, we saw one just across from the Odeon Station.  There’s one near Sacre Coeur (go to the Anvers Metro Station, go uphill where everyone is going, it will lead you to Sacre Coeur.  The store will be on your left hand side – you won’t miss it).  Here‘s their website for more info (but it’s all in French!)



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