King Falafel Palace @ Paris, France.

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France Paris

We passed by this pita sandwich place – King Falafel Palace, while we were in the vicinity of Notre Dame Cathedral on the first day.  Everyone that walked by us seemed to be holding one in their hand and the aroma of roasted meat was enticing.  We didn’t stop to buy one as we already had a big lunch atRestaurant Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about the pita sandwich so during the next day, while we were having our super long 3 hours wait at the catacombs, I made my way to the Saint Paul Metro to take away the pita sandwich.

My 40 minutes round-trip to get the pita sandwiches for lunch was totally worth it. The sharwarma meat was thinly shaved off from the main chunk, and because the chunk of meat was continuously being roasted on a small fire, all the edges of the meat were browned till lightly crisp, making it rather scrumptious.

The staffs were speedy with the orders and preparation.  Within 15 minutes of queuing in line, my two chicken sharwarma sandwiches stuffed with freshly chopped vegetables were ready for take-away.

The sandwiches were really nicely presented with a double wrap of silver foil and black napkins.  By the time I took the photos, the sandwiches didn’t look as good anymore because they had been wrapped up for me to take away.  All the sauces were mushed together and the basic pocket shape slightly deformed.  Other than looking a little messy, the pita sandwich was fit for king ! And easily the best cheap & good eats in Paris (7.50€)!  Portion was huge – it was as big as my face, and extravagantly stuffed with everything to the max – chicken sharwama pieces, vegetables, and french fries, topped with chilli sauce and mayo.  Easily one of my most satisfying meals in Paris.

Here’s a few other types of pita sandwiches to choose from.

More Info
Address: 26 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France.
Tel: + 33 1 42 77 93 13
Directions : Get to the Saint Paul Metrol station on the orange line.  Rue de Rosiers is nearby.




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