Notre-Dame Cathedral (and Vicinity), Paris, Day 1 (II)

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France Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the most well-known cathedrals in France.  

The building is awesome from any angle.

There’s two separate queues at different parts of the cathedral.  The queue at the main entrance is quite long and it leads you into the main hall of the cathedral (and it’s free!).  The queue actually moves pretty fast but unfortunately we weren’t able to go in as we couldn’t pass the security check-point with our trolley bag which had our tripod.  What a shame!! So close yet so far…   The second queue that’s at the side entrance of the cathedral is the Notre-Dame Tour queue (charge), which leads you up to the bell towers and the gargoyles.  Thinking that we couldn’t even pass the check-point on the ground floor, I didn’t think we will be able to make it up to the top!  Shame shame shame! The only thing I could tell myself to make myself feel better was “those people look really bored queueing they must have spent a long time waiting there… ”  Until today, I still feel that heart-ache….

Since we were in the vicinity, we wandered around, strolled along River Seine, hung out a bit at the Saint-Michel Fountain and did some souvenir shopping, .

Behind Notre-Dame, there’s Ile Saint Louis, which is a nice area with crafty boutiques and art galleries.  The lanes seemed to be quieter, less visited area by the tourists.

While walking in Ile St Louis, we chanced up on this candy-land – La Cure Gourmande.  You will be subconciously attracted to La Cure Gourmande as it’ts waving invisible hands to your eyes and nose. First, visually – we just had to walk into this rainbow-colored, fairy-tale-like store. Second, there’s no way that we could walk out of the store with the buttery smell tinkling our noses… so, yap, we bought a little bit of everything to try.  Nougats, cookies, candies…

My favourite is the “Fourre Chocolate”, which is butter cookie with thick chocolate filling inside. I wish I had bought more….

After Ile Saint Louis, we passed by Rue de Rosiers which is in the Jewish Quarter, on our way to Center Pompidou, .  You will notice a lot of emphasis on blue at some stores, which is a symbolic color for the Jews.  There are lots of nice boutiques on this street too:)

More Info on Notre Dame Cathedral
Address: Place Jean-Paul II, Paris 4e.
Tel: +3301 4234 5610
Direction:  Cité, Saint-Michel.
Opening Hours: Daily Mon – Fri 8am – 6.45pm.  Sat – Sun 8am – 7.15pm.
Admission Charge: Free

More Info on Notre Dame Tour
Address: Place Jean-Paul II, Paris 4e.
Tel: +3301 5310 0702
Direction: Cité, Saint-Michel.
Admission Charge: 8.5€
Inclusive in Paris Museum Pass: Yes

Opening Hours: Daily except for 1st Jan, 1st May and 25th Dec.
Summer Hours : 10.00am – 6.30pm. (1st Apr- 3oth Sep). Late opening until 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays of June, July, August and September.
Winter Hours: 10am to 5.30pm. (1st Oct – 31st Mar)
Late opening until 9pm on Wenesday from 15th May -15th Sept.
Free entry on the first sunday of every month from 1st Nov – 31st Mar.




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