Saint Chapelle @ Paris, Day 1 (I)

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France Paris

Our first touristy thing was the Saint Chapelle (“the Holy Chapel”),  at Il de la Cite.  It is tucked away from the main road, but not to worry, there will be signs that will lead you to it once you exit the Cite metro station.  

Saint Chapelle is a Gothic architecture completed in 1248 (yes, it’s almost 800 years old!).  The chapel has a clear emphasis on verticality, with the extremely tall second floor, and the minimal vertical framework which supports almost the entire second floor made of stained glass.

Sainte Chapelle houses the most magnificent stained glass which depicts stories from the bible and encircles almost the entire second floor.When you climb up the narrow spiral stair case, you will enter a kaleidoscope of stunning and illuminating colors.

The rose windows at the chapel.

Even the blue and gold ceiling is stunning with the arches!

The area that the stained glass covers is massive, with 15 longitudinal panels, 2 rose windows, totalling up to 600 square meters (6,456 sq ft) in area.  Using a relativity approach, the apartment I used to stay in Penang is 960 sq ft, so, yap, the area of the stained glass is 6.5 times bigger than my apartment!  Or, if you are staying in a luxury apartment at 3000 sq ft or more, the area of the stained glass is still bigger than the apartment!

Thanks to the extensive restoration project, we are able to see this awesome view today.

It took us about 20-30 minutes to pass the security checkpoint to get to the main entrance.  The que at the ticket counter into the chapel was not too bad (during our visit), you should be in within 40 minutes of quing.  We used the Paris Museum Pass, so we went straight into the chapel without wasting any time.

More Info
Address: 8, boulevard du Palais, Paris 1er
Tel:  +33-1 5340 6080
Direction:  Cité, Châtelet

Opening Hours: Daily except for 1st Jan, 1st May and 25th Dec.
Summer Hours : 9.30am – 6pm.  (1st Mar – 31st Oct)
Winter Hours: 9am to 5pm.  (1st Nov – 28th Feb)
Late opening until 9pm on Wenesday from 15th May -15th Sept.
Free entry on the first sunday of every month from Nov – Mar.

Admission Charge: 8Euro
Inclusive in Paris Museum Pass: Yes




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