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We stumbled upon this charming little restaurant, Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, that’s just at the corner of Notre Dame Cathedral.  I am not quite sure whether to categorize this place as café or restaurant, because it is more of a hybrid between the two. Casual café set-up with food more meticulously prepared than cafés.   

We were immediately allured in by the beautiful vines crawling all over the walls, the red windows, and that whole country-inn set up.

Gary had the farm chicken (25€), which was really excellent in every way.  Presentation was beautiful and it even matched the vibrant country-inn style of the restaurant.  The chicken was roasted till golden and yet remained juicy.  The colorful capsicums just makes you want to dig into the dish ASAP.  Both the roast potatoes and the mashed potato were flavourful.

I took Odette’s pate with mushroom, foie gras and pistachio (17€).  Again another beautifully presented dish with the orange foie gras, black mushrooms, green pistachios, brown caramelized onion, and I am not quite sure what the red bits are.  The terrine was not too bad and it was a fun dish to eat where you experience different textures all in one bite.  The crunchy pistachios, the soft mushroom slices and the creamy pate.  The only thing was that the liver smell was strong and I would have liked the dish much more without the smell.

The owner was really helpful in recommending us which dishes to get, but we had a slight communication break down.  We ordered the Americano, as in coffee, but came the Americano, as in liquor.  Actually, I didn’t even know there’s a liquor called Americano.  It tasted awful!

The restaurant also has a vintage interior set up.

Here is Restaurant Au Vieux Paris’s menu.

We enjoyed our food in the lovely setting with warm service.  The food is definitely more artistically prepared than other cafés.  Despite the good food, I find it pricey with mains ranging from 25€ to 33€, entree from 14€ to 29€.    You can get simple mains in cafés for about 20€ or less.  But if you feel like splurging, go for it 🙂

More Info
Address: 24 Rue Chanoinesse, 75004 Paris, France
Tel: +331 -4051 7852




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