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France Paris

We ate our first meal at Cafe Daguerre that’s 5 minutes walk from our hotel, Best Western Nouvel Orleans.  There were a few other cafes around, but we chose Cafe Daguerre because with all that morning sunlight glistening on the table tops, it was hard to resist this cafe.   Since it was early in the morning, it was one of the rare moments where Paris seemed to be less occupied with people on the streets, yet with enough pedestrians walking by to keep us busy for people-watching.

Three breakfast selections were available – the French, English and Meridional.

I took the simple French breakfast which had bread, coffee and orange juice as I wasn’t very hungary (7.5 €).  The French bread was chewy on the inside and had a crispy crust on the outside.

I was really happy with my pick until Gary’s golden omelette arrived!  Gary picked the Meridional which came with coffee, croissant, bread, jam, orange juice, yogurt and  capsicum omelette (11.5€).

Without much ado, I helped myself to Gary’s omelette…  It was a big portion, so I thought he needed help!

The buttery croissant was lovely with a crisp outer layer and a lightweight texture.

When the unidentified cup of whiteness came, it took us a few seconds to realize it’s yogurt because it didnt’ look like the conventional plastic packaging with the word “yogurt” splashed all over it.  I am guessing the yogurt is probably from a local supplier? The plain yogurt was quite nice actually.  It was more flavourful, thicker and creamier than the ones that you get in the supermarkets.

Cafe Daguerre’s menu, with lunch and dinner selections.

Cafe Daguerre’s interior.

Overall, our first meal in Paris was satisfying.  The restaurant’s orange color theme, friendly waiter and that beautiful morning sun provided such a warm and comfortable ambience for dining.  I could sit there all day!  The food was decent and the price was standard Paris pricing.

Oh, and if you like foie gras, there is a shop selling canned foi gras just a few doors away from Cafe Daguerre!

More Info
Cafe Daguerre
Address: 4 Avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris, France
Phone: 0143221729
Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday 6.30am – 2am
Directions:  Denfert Rochereau Station.  Accesible by both Metro and RER.



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