From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Central Paris

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France Paris

Getting from the Charles De Gaulle Airport to central Paris is easy.  Look for signboards like above that will lead you to the tourist information counter, where you can purchase train or bus tickets. (Or if you wish, you can buy the RER ticket at Terminal 3).

Here is the price list for the RER train/ bus to central Paris (via RER B, 9.25 €, via Roissybus to Opera Station 10€).

Then take the CDGVAL (or airport shuttle) to terminal 3, where it connects you to RER B Line and the bus station.  In the case of terminal 1, the CDGVAL is located at Hall 5 and 6.  (On a side note, if you need to get to TGV station, go to Terminal 2).

Once you reach Terminal 3, you will know what to do as you will see obvious signs that says “direction to Paris”.

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      Thought everything was fairly easy – until we had to haul our huge luggage up and down the subway, changing trains – that was a bummer!

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