Best Western Nouvel Orleans @ Paris, France.

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France Paris

When I was looking for hotels in Paris, I didn’t really consider Best Western at all because I thought I gotta look for something Parisian! Turned out that Parisian hotels are easy to find, but most of them don’t come with air conditioning, one of Gary’s absolute requirements on the hotel.  

So I did some research, reading up loads of hotels on trip advisor, and found Best Western Nouvel Orleans (3 star hotel), which is an excellent find.  Our flight landed in Paris at 6.30 am in the morning, so by the time we reached the hotel, it was still early at 9am.

Despite that Best Western is an American chain hotel, overall I would say Best Western Nouvel Orleans has its own Parisian charm.  The building itself is elegant with beautiful balcony railings, while the lobby area has that old-stone-house look with a splash of red chairs and a old-fashioned spiral staircase that leads to the basement.

The lobby has a rack with useful travel information incase you missed the tourist information counter at the airport.

The receptionist is most welcoming and is aware of our early arrival. She said that our room is not ready and just need an hour of cleaning and we should go around, have breakfast and it should be ready by then.

We went to Cafe Daguerre near by for breakfast, by the time we came back, the room was ready.  The room is a sunny, medium-sized and street-facing room.  Simple set-up with a flat screen TV, big window, desk which has a mini-fridge hiding underneath, small cupboard with a safe inside and two bottles of complimentary water only for the first day.  Wifi and air-conditioning are available (Big plus points!).  No dressing table but there’s a full length mirror available on the wall. The street-facing room is not noisy at all as the room is sound-proof;  the noise level is very much reduced once the window is closed.

The bathroom is small, probably just slightly bigger than the ones in Tokyo, but I wasn’t expecting things to be spacious.

A complete set of toiletries is available.  Lotion, soap, shower gel, cotton pads, cotton buds, and a packet of tissue.

The corridor has automatic lights  which lights up once it senses movement.

Overall, I really like Best Western Nouvel Orleans.  The location is great, with the Mouton Duvernet metro just across the street, just 1 minute walk to the metro!  Within the vicinity, there’s lots of cafes, some retail store (Yves Rocher, Lush, Foot Locker) and Monoprix supermarket.  The neighbourhood is safe, quiet at night, with the main street Avenue General Leclec brightly lit at night.    We felt comfortable coming back to the hotel at late hours too.

We got the room for a good price.  The official rate for a double room is  110€ per night (without breakfast), but you can get a discount for staying 3 consecutive nights or more.  We stayed for 4 nights and  we got the room at 76€ per night.  I am not sure how I managed to get such a good rate, I am thinking it’s because maybe I booked the hotel 4 months in advance? Or maybe it is summer and most Parisians leave the city to enjoy the summer elsewhere and perhaps it is considered low season during the summer.  It is always good to book your accommodation in advance.

The booking can be done directly through their website (or other intermediates like expedia,, etc).   While I was doing the booking, something just didn’t seem right and I couldn’t figure out why.  2 days after I have done the booking, I realized that Best Western Nouvel Orleans’ website doesn’t have Best Western’s signature blue theme, and the email address provided is not but it’s a address.  I freaked out a bit because I thought I might have been conned… But after going to the official Best Western website (with the signature blue theme!), I found Nouvel Orleans is indeed listed with them, with the relevant email and phone numbers provided.

More Info
Official Rates (without breakfast): Single room at 89€, double/twin room at 110€, triple room at 134€, suite at 160€.
Address: 25, avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris – France
Tel: +33 1 43 27 80
Email: [email protected]




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