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When one goes to Tanjung Tualang (about 45 minutes drive from Ipoh), the delicacy to eat there is definitely the big head prawns.  We ate at Restaurant Sun Mee Fong (新美芳海鮮樓) which looks like a new restaurant, but it’s an established seafood restaurant that’s been around for the past 20 years and has just been rebuilt. 

These prawns are steamed with ginger and a dash of rice wine.  Simple cooking to maintain the original flavours and freshness of the prawns.

As the name suggests, these prawns have big head, and the head size takes up half the length of the full body.  The size of the prawns is huge as it is even bigger than a small dinner plate.  As any foodie would know, the best part of the prawn is not the flesh, but all that gooey mustard in the head.

The mustard is thick, creamy, sweet and it’s a concentrate of prawn-goodness.  I gobbled up 5 prawn heads all by myself as Gary has self control to stay away from these high cholesterol yummy mustard, so all that cholesterol hike is on me.  I was too busy eating the prawn heads so I actually didn’t get any pictures of the prawn body.  The meat is springy, succulent and almost lobster-like.

Live prawns are kept in the tanks.  Every now and then, you will see staff throwing in bucket of ice into the tank to reduce the temperature.  The restaurant owner told us that the prawns can die when the optimal temperature in not maintained.

After indulging myself with all the prawn goodness, be it head or body, I went to wash my hands and saw this sink that made me smile.

The dining environment is typical mid-scaled Chinese restaurant with air conditioning.  A comfortable dining atmosphere.  Relatively cheaper compared to eating the prawns in Ipoh at RM98/kg.

More Info
Address: 21 & 23 Jalan Pasar, 31800 Tanjung Tualan, Perak
Tel: 05 360 9321



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