Porridge and Home-Cooked Food at Hung Wang (漢元餐室), Ipoh Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

Hung Wang Kedai Makanan (漢元餐室)is a place where you can get Teowchew porridge and home-cooked food.

My favourite dish at Hung Want is the steamed “kampung fish” with fermented bean paste. Kampung fish is a common dish that is usually salted and fried. I haven’t really seen any other ways of cooking because the kampung fish can be fishy, so that’s why the best way to eat it is to salt it and fry it. At Hung Wang, you will discover how fresh the kampung fish can be when it is done right.

Other simple home-cooked dishes include pig’s ear,

stir-fried long beans,


and other dishes like squid, steamed fish, salted egg that’s all on display.  All these dishes are nothing fancy, nothing delicate, but it’s similar to the kind of simple food that you will get at home.

The porridge is cooked in a big huge clay pot.   I am wondering where on earth did the kopitiam managed to find such a big clay pot….

Traditional kopitiam setting.

When you pay for your food, you won’t get a receipt but you will get a human calculator that calculates the price of your meal.  He will calculate out loud  (in Cantonese), fish 150g x 1.5 per kg, plus long bean RM4, plus tofu RM 4.5, plus this, plus that, and your meal is a total of RM 35.60.  And I was just like, ok, I will pay that.

More Info
7 & 9 Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh, Malaysia.
Store hours: 11.30am – 4pm.  Closed on Thursdays.




  1. Lynn Lim

    Thanks so much fr u info, was in Ipoh searching fr porridge fr my 18 months baby and so glad to came across yours. Porridge n dishes are good, thanks!!!

  2. lim

    This is an old restaurant, and just sitting there eating you can see (cockroach and ants) on the table..BTW, had look at behind kitchen is quite old and dirty. i wonder there cook/food there are in clean condition? no doubt that the price and taste is OK one..

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