Wonton Noodles at Medan Selera Stadium, Ipoh Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

Writing about wonton noodles at this hour makes me hungry.  Also known as “wantan mee“, the noodles at Ipoh Stadium Medan Selera during the night is one of my favorite places to go, thanks to recommendation by Gary, now I am hooked to it. 

I absolutely love  the wonton noodles at this place.  Everything is done to perfection.   The texture of the noodle is incomparable.  Noodles are al dente, not too soggy or too flour-ish, and they are bouncy in the mouth.  The char siew adds a bit of sweetness to the noodles while the stalky vegetable adds a bit of crunchiness to the dish.

The wontons are light, delicate and almost looks like gold-fish in a bowl. The wonton skin is so thin you can almost see the pinkish meat inside

The wontons may seem easy to make.  After all, it is minced meat wrapped up by a thin sheet of dough skin right? It is important to get the proportion of the minced meat and wonton skin right.  When the skin is too thick, the wonton will taste doughy.  When the meat is too much, it will just taste like eating meat balls without the feel of the wonton tail in your mouth. All I can say is that I just can’t get enough of these wontons and I always ask for extra wontons.

This is what the store looks like at Medan Selera Stadium, a few stores away from Frankie’s NO. 17 juice store.   It’s only open in the night and it’s closed one of the nights during the week, and I forgot which is the night that it’s closed….. oops

The wontons and wonton noodles before they are cooked.

Seating area at the stadium.

Few stores away from No. 17, Frankie’s fruit juice.  Opens only in the night.
Medan Selara Stadium, Jalan Ghazali, Ipoh, Perak.




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