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I’ve been to La Mei Zi quite a few times, both in Penang and Ipoh.  “La Mei Zi” literally means “spicy lady:.  It also relates to one of the restaurant’s speciality, hot and numbing steamboat, also known as “mala steamboat”.  When we entered the restaurant, the pungent smell of peppercorns and chilli was enticing, and made me ordered the mala steamboat which I don’t normally order.

Their service is super fast. Cold, spicy appetizers of seaweed and black fungus were served as soon as we sat down.  In fact, the service was too fast as the waitress stood by the table, expecting us to order our soup base within 2 minutes of sitting down.

We ordered the “Yuan Yang” steamboat, which consisted of duck soup, and “mala” soup.  I find their soup base pretty good most of the time whether it’s in Penang or Ipoh.  But this time, the duck soup base tastes diluted and not as good as the earlier times I’ve tried.  But still not too bad, at least they managed to provide good soup 4 out of 5 times I have visited.   The mala soup is as its name suggests, hot, spicy and numbing!!

The ala carte dishes all came super fresh and super fast.  One of my favourite dishes to order at a steamboat restaurant is the “tong ho” vegetable.  It is THE vegetable to eat, and it’ a must on my order list when I’m at a steamboat restaurant.

Other dishes we ordered include seaweed, tofu,

jelly fish, sea cucumber,

pork balls and Fuzhou fishball.

Fuzhou fishball, one from the mala soup, and one from the duck soup.

Lameizi offers a few types of soup base to choose from – tom yam, spicy fish, spicy beef,  lotus with pork, mushroom chicken, bamboo shoot + pork knuckle, sour fish and herbal black chicken with price ranging from RM10.50 to RM 28.

The La Mei Zi menu also offers a good selection of seafood, vegetable, tofu, meat at affordable prices from RM2 – RM15 with portions enough for 2 per serving.

The eating environment is bright, spacious, clean and with a splash of red interior decoration.  Perhaps to emphasize on hot and spicy? The price is reasonable but can become pricey depending on how you order the soup base, and what soup base you order.  The soup is good 80% of the time I have visited and the ala carte dishes are always fresh.  I will go back there every now and then.

More Info
Address: 40-42 Jalan Medan Ipoh 5, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05 549 9969



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