Yut Kee Pork Dishes @ Dang Wangi, KL

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Having read about Yut Kee Hainanese Restaurant from the newspaper, Gary and I decided to go there since I was in KL last weekend.  We arrived about 10.50am and the small place was already packed with people.  It was lucky that we managed to get a table, or rather, half a table, because we had to share the table with another party.  More and more people started to stream in, and the que outside the restaurant started to get longer and longer.

Yut Kee is famous for their roti babi, which literally means – pork bread.  Naturally, roti babi was on top of my list of must-orders.  The roti babi arrives as a lump of bread coated with egg batter, kinda like French toast.  Nothing fancy, with no presentation, just as is.   But don’t judge a piece of bread by its cover because it’s filled with goodies inside!

The caramelized onion, Chinese sausage, minced pork and thinly shredded crab meat fill up the cavity of the bread.  The  filling is an uncommon combination but just goes so well with the french-toast-ish bread.  The filling is simple with the sweetness coming from the caramelized onion, the fragrance coming from the both the pork and Chinese sausage, and the shredded crab meat provides a multi-level eating sensation.  I really like this roti babi.    The only thing is, I found the roti babi to be oily which stops me from ordering a second piece.  Otherwise I would happily gobble two pieces of roti babi all by myself (without sharing with Gary).

Another popular item is the roast pork roll, which is only available on friday, saturday and sunday.  When we walked into the restaurant, almost every single table had a plate of roast pork on their table, showing how popular these pork rolls are!  We ordered the roll as a side, where the pieces came thinly sliced with apple sauce.  The roll has stuffed herbs (and some fruits, I think), in the center, and it is a wonderful roast where the skin is crispy while the lean part remained tender and juicy.  Not much seasoning is used – just salt really and that’s enough to bring out the flavour of this dish.  You can order it as a main too where the slices would be bigger and would come with potato wedges + vegetables.

The roti bakar (which I forgot to take a picture of), is char-grilled to almost a crunchy, cookie-like texture. A good choice to order if you just want something light for breakfast.

The fried noodles on the other hand, is just a standard noodle dish which came with EXTREMELY spicy chilli sauce on the side.  The noodle is OK, it’s not particularly impressive, nor could I find any fault in it.  It was supposed to be our final dish, having already eaten the roti babi, roti bakar and roast pork roll.   But having liked all their pork dishes, we thought Yut Kee must be an expert in pork, so we decided to order another pork dish – the pork chop.

The pork chop is really fillet of pork coated with egg batter. The fillet itself is not marinated, just seasoned with salt.  I noticed that all the pork dishes that we ate had not much seasoning at all.  Not fancy, but it’s the best way to taste the original flavour.  Though the fillet has minimal seasoning, it is the egg coating that is absorbing the flavour from the light-textured gravy.  For an additional sour kick to the dish, drizzle some Worcester sauce that’s available at the restaurant.

Yut Kee has a good mix of local, Hainanese and western food.  Price is very reasonable ranging from RM6 to RM10 per dish.

The ambience is nostalgic, with tiled walls, yellowing menu-boards, marbled table tops and wooden stools.  The restaurant is super crowded so the best way to avoid waiting is to be there early (before 11am on weekends), or you will end up waiting in a que.  But, not to worry because the table turnover rate is pretty fast as the staff are so efficient at clearing the tables and communicating with other staff about empty tables.  Even if you have to wait longer, for the food, it’s worth the wait 🙂

More Info
Address: 35 Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 26988108



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