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Malaysia Putrajaya Selangor

Shangri-La Putrajaya,  surrounded by splendid greens and lively flowers,  blending contemporary and culture, is a perfect place for a weekend getaway.  Thanks to New Straits Times’ travel photo contest, I had a chance to experience a relaxing weekend at Shangri-La Putrajaya.   

The fountain at the main entrance is especially lovely when it is set up against a backdrop of shade cleverly designed to block the sunlight, but at the same time, to showcase the sun-beaming batik element of the shade.

The batik element is found not only at the main entrance but also through out the hotel.  A fusion of Malaysian culture and elegance.

The room interior uses red wood with greenish glass panels.  The wood carving on the headboard also adds on a flavour of Malaysian culture.  The bed is of course, no surprise, super comfy.

I love the room’s lazy chair, perfect for i-padding, i-phoning, or just do nothing on the chair!

The room is equipped with a desk, but who needs that on a weekend?

Overall, the room uses a fairly contemporary design.  It is spacious, clean, and suitable for both leisure and business stay. The reason I said “fairly contemporary” is there is one thing in the room that gave away the hotel’s age – the box-TV that sits in the TV closet.  Not as modern as the plasma TVs but it didn’t matter to me as I didn’t go to Shangri-La to watch TV.

The bathroom uses a semi-open concept, where you can choose to open or close the window.

The marbled bathroom with red wood element is consistent with the general theme of the room, including the weighing scale.

Toiletries provided.

The balcony is simple with a chair and table, not holiday-ish, but good enough to step out for fresh air and view.

My favourite element of the hotel is the sky-light ceiling design.  Not only the corridor is always bright with sunlight, which gives it an energetic vibe compared to other hotels with dimmer corridors, the concept is also green and eco-friendly.

The hotel has also put the skylight ceiling to good use by having a garden at the ground floor, enabling the plants to recieve sufficient sunlight within the building.

Beautiful pool that was wasted because I forgot to bring my swim suit.

Don’t forget to check out the hotel’s vibrant backyard with terrace of flowers in full blossom (during our visit), and enjoy the tranquility at Putra Perdana Park that’s just across the street from the hotel’s backyard.  

Putra Perdana Park.

It was a relaxing weekend at Shangri-La Putrajaya.   Staff are most attentive asking to help before you even seek for help, breakfast at Palmhill Cafe is great with extra thoughts put in and dinner at Azure Terrace is equally good.  I thought I might get a little bored staying at Shangri-La Putrajaya as I didn’t plan for things to do, and I didn’t know what to plan either (went for the Putrajaya cruise on a separate occasion so didn’t plan on doing that again).  We went for a movie at Alamanda Mall at night, and the rest of the time we were kept busy just hanging out at the hotel, slowly enjoying our meals, taking strolls at the garden and the Park, and just do nothing but relax.

More Info
Address: Taman Putra Perdana Presint 1, Wilayah Perseketuan, Putrajaya, 62000, Malaysia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +603 3887 8888
Fax: +603 887 8889



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