Ben’s @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, KL

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Dutamas

I love it at Ben’s in Publika Mall.  Every minute in Ben’s is well spent.  Whether it’s just waiting for food, enjoying the food, or hanging out for a little while after you have finished your food.  

My mum ordered the chargrilled sea-food spaghettini with wilted spinach and chilli flakes (RM25.90).  It is a souped-up version of an agio olio with the addition of sea-food and vegetable.  Sea-food ingredients consist of prawns and squid in a generous portion.  I like the addition of spinach which makes it a complete nutritious meal with carbs, vege, and protein.  I do quite like this dish overall, but just a little too spciy and a bit too oily.  But then again, maybe aglio olios are meant to be oily as most of the aglio olios I’ve tried seemed to be on the oily side.

I had the grilled pesto chicken on multi-grain which had a great visual presentation, with the fresh greens, lightly grilled sandwich and the brightly colored (orange, purple) sweet-potato/yam chips.  In this simple sandwich, there’s a mouthful of things to enjoy in one bite – the creamy pesto, crunchy turkey strip, succulent chicken breast, and the lightly grilled multi-grain.

We were spoilt for choices for dessert.

Mum and I shared a Rocky Road Cake (RM 12.90).  The cake is not a typical Rocky Road.  It has a layer of cream-of-nuts in the middle, which substitutes for nut pieces as on a standard Rocky Road Cake. I must say I still prefer the traditional Rocky Road as I prefer chopped nuts. After all, it’s the chunky nuts that give the cake the rocky texture!  Other than that, the chocolate part of the cake is exactly how a chocolate cake should be.  Thick, rich, creamy chocolate with a layer of even richer, darker, chocolate icing on the outside, topped by chocolate-drizzled marshmallows.  In fact, it was too rich that both of us could not finish the cake.

We took away a meringue pie for my sister.  Don’t know how it tastes like; gotta ask my sister!

The menu is a cafe menu with a good selection of mainly soup, pasta and sandwiches, with the price ranging from RM23.90 to 39.90 for the mains.  Reasonable pricing for an up-scale cafe.

Interior decoration is slightly rugged, using worn-out-wood-panels for tabletops accompanied by a mixture of comfortable sofas and steel chairs, and grey walls, which set the  main mood for the cafe.  The brightly yellow planes and lamps liven up the cafe and provide an accentuation to the cafe.

The bright yellow theme is also used at the waiting corner just outside Ben’s.

Center-Piece when you enter Ben’s.

The cards on the tables is entertaining while you wait for food, and they might make you linger a little longer after you have finished the food.  Whether it’s asking silly questions from the cards, or checking out new recipes on the cards.

Overall, it was a pleasure dining at Ben’s.  Being a sandwich lover, I can’t wait to go back to try their other sandwiches!

More Info
37A & 37B, Level G2, Publika Shopping Gallery, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6205 2768
Operating Hours: Open daily, 11am-10pm



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