Mackenzie’s Stonegrill, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

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Mackenzie New Zealand

Stonegrill is a fun and healthy way of eating.    The food is served raw on a hot volcanic stone where it will take a few minutes to cook, and it is healthy because there’s no oil used at all.

At Mackenzie’s Bar and Restaurant, Gary and I chose from the stonegrill menu.  He took the lamb+pork and I took the chicken.  The quality of the meat was excellent.  The meat stood well on its own with just basic seasoning.  When the food was first served, it felt a little unsafe as it was a big chunk of raw meat and I wasn’t sure how well the stonegrill can cook the meat.

Turned out that I worried for nothing.  The stonegrill seared the meat until golden, locking all the juices inside.  Then I had to cut up the meat into smaller pieces to cook each individual pieces. The timing and the temperature of the stonegrill were as if calculated to enhance a diner’s experience.  The stonegrill started off at 400°C, gradually decreasing to a cooler temperature.  In the process, the food never got burned while cooking, but just deliciously golden.  The food was kept warm, and the stonegrill eventually became cold only at the end of the meal.  Perfect timing.

The price was reasonable with the mains ranging from NZD24 to NZD34.  Ambience was cozy where a warm red-wood interior design was used.  We didn’t book the restaurant in advance thinking that we should be able to get a table as there weren’t too many tourists around .  Turned out that Mackenzie’s is a popular restaurant that is booked out fast, especially the window seats with a beautiful lake view.  We got a table only because it was a table for two.   So reserve this restaurant in advance to avoid disappointment, especially when you are travelling in a big group.

More Info
Address: State Highway 8, 7999 Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3-680 6886

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