Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm @ Tekapo, New Zealand

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Mackenzie New Zealand

On the way to Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm (located in between Tekapo and Twizel), we passed by Lake Pukaki. All I can say that New Zealand is full of beautiful landscapes and lakes.  

Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm

There are two other lakes in the region – Lake Tekapo and Lake Ohau.  Lake Pukaki is the largest lake among the three lakes in the region.  Having so many lakes in the region, New Zealand has made good use of their natural resources and is using these lakes for hydroelectric schemes.

Using lakes for hydroelectric schemes is a pretty common thing, but using these lakes to build up a salmon farm is simply genius! To start with, the notion of Alpine Salmon Farm is peculiar itself.  Who would have thought to rear salmon in the mountains ? Then it gets better because Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm’s king salmons are reared in the hydroelectric canal that runs between Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo.  Being in the canal means the salmons are constantly swimming against a current, always exercising, making them super-fit !

It is hard to believe that salmon can be farmed in such a beautiful and pristine environment. The farm is surrounded by the southern alps, and the salmon are reared in blue, glacial water! Located at 667m above sea level, Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm is the highest salmon farm in the world.

You can take an easy self- guided tour, walk around the farm and feed the salmon.

Check out these salmon jumping for fish food !

The farm sells sashimi and smoked salmon on the spot too so if you are a salmon lover, bring your chopsticks along!  We didn’t eat the salmon here, but we stopped by a Japanese restaurant nearby Konhan Restaurant to feast on sashimi !

More Info
Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Farm Official Website
Address: Tekapo–Pukaki Hydro Canal, Twizel, South Island,New Zealand.

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