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Mackenzie New Zealand

When we arrived Mount Cook Village, there was lots of snow everywhere as it snowed heavily the day before.  After checking in at Aoraki Mount Cook Alpine Lodge, we spent some time at the visitor’s center and the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Center

The visitor’s center has all the usual souvenir stuff and visitor’s information.  One useful thing I did find was this gear suitable for trekking in the snow – metal-covered rubber-webs which fits on your shoes.  Having had the unsuccessful experience of trying to trek in snow and ice at the Diamond Lake Conservation Area  in Wanaka, Gary and I each bought a pair so we can do some trekking the next day.

The center has interior decoration with the Maui theme.  You can see Mount Cook through the huge windows at the center.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Center is just nearby, adjoining the Hermitage Hotel.    The center is not only a tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary, it also has a lot of history about Mount Cook and mountaineering. Sir Edmund Hillary, being one of the most influential explorers of the 20th century conquered Mount Everest, and was the first man to participate in expeditions to both north and south pole.  It is symbolic that the center is set in Mount Cook Village.  Mount Cook being the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3754 meters, provided a training ground for Sir Edmund Hillary’s future expeditions.

Antique vehicles which were used for transportation during the olden days at Mount Cook.

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Sir Edmund Hillart Alpine Center

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