A Day in Wanaka, New Zealand

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New Zealand Wanaka

Wanaka is a town with plenty of activities to do.  Hiking, skiing, cycling, sky-diving, helicopter flights, jet-boating, sailing and more.   Or, you don’t even have to do any of these activities but just enjoy your time leisurely, sitting by the lakeside, check out Wanaka and take your own sweet time for your meals. 

A Day in Wanaka

We didn’t plan for too much activities in Wanaka.  We only planned for an easy hike at the Diamond Lake Conservation Area as there is a view-point where you could see the panoramic Lake Wanaka.

The track condition was good initially.

But it became frozen as we tracked further up and it was really quite difficult to walk on ice. It was a shame that we couldn’t make it to the Lake Wanaka View Point 🙁

On our way back to our motel, we passed by Rippon Vineyard.  Thinking that it might have a cafe inside, we popped in to see if there was anything to eat.

Although we didn’t find what we were looking for, we did find a hidden gem – the scenery within the vineyard.  Just the lake and the mountains without any disruption by buildings, humans or cars.

We lingered at Rippon Vineyard a little longer taking photos before heading to town for lunch.  We were quite unproductive after lunch.  We didn’t do much besides walking around town, hanging out at Lake View Motel with its million-dollar-view, and going to grocery store to get our supplies for our next destination  which only has 2 restaurants and no convenience store – Mount Cook.


More Info

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