Pan-Fried Meat Buns Taipei, Taiwan.


Taipei Taiwan

On my last day in Taiwan, I woke up early to meet up with my friend for breakfast near Taipei Main Station.  We ate pan-fried buns( sui jian bao 水煎包) at Old Tsai’s (老蔡水煎包).   Compared to the white meat buns, these buns are slightly oilier and crispier on the outside with a yellowish tint as a result of being pan-fried.  The bottom of the buns is pan-fried till lightly browned and it’s a popular breakfast choice in Taiwan.

Pan-Fried Pork Buns With White Cabbage and Green Bean Noodles (高麗菜口味水煎包).

Pan-Fried Chive Buns With Egg and Green Bean Noodles (韭菜口味水煎包).

More Info on Old Tsai’s Pan Fried Buns
Address : Lane 30, Section 1, Hankou Street, Taipei, Taiwan.  台北市漢口街一段30巷.



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