Tze Chiang Night Market (Part II) Hualien, Taiwan.

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Hualien Taiwan

Number One Barbecue (第一家烤肉串)is very popular in Tze Chiang Night Market.  It is always full of people and you need to take a queue number to wait for your barbecue to be ready.

There is lots of barbecue on sticks to choose from (and lots of people choosing barbecue sticks!).

Mushrooms, bean curd, bacon, pork slices and chicken blood cubes (in black).  I didn’t take any pictures of the cooked barbecue sticks because they all looked black with the barbecue sauce.  Number One Barbecue is definitely worth a try because the barbecue is done just nice, not too burnt, but just tender and juicy with the yummy sauce.  In fact, their business is so good they prefer to work less as they have put up a sign that says “Bring home and barbecue on your own and get 20% discount for NTD500 purchase and above, we will supply the barbecue sauce!”.

There was so many people we waited for 20 minutes for our barbecue to be ready! While waiting, I went to get crispy spare ribs (排骨酥).  It was absolutely delicious!

For our main course, we ate at 高大侠, which I am going to translate as Master Koh’s Grilled Seafood.

With the blue lights, the beer mugs hanging from the ceiling, the topless chef and the seafood, Master Koh’s seafood has that beach bar atmosphere.

Some unknown shells which we happily ate….
Huge oyster almost as big as my face.

Huge yummy clams.

Although we were pretty full after the barbecue, pork spare ribs and seafood,the pork sausage from An-Chi smelt so good we just couldn’t resist!

Now it’s time for dessert ! We got the ice cream also known as “babu” (吧咘).  In the olden days, the vendors used to sell ice cream on the streets on a mobile stall, using a horn which makes a “babu” noise to attract attention. That’s how the ice cream got its name, “Babu”.  You can see closer in the picture that the girl is pressing onto the horn.  Although these babu ice-cream is not so common on the streets anymore, seeing the long-lost babu ice cream at Tze Chiang Night Market is pretty exciting!

Before going back to the hotel, the polo bun on our way out smelt really good and we decided to take two back with us for breakfast the next day.

Tze Chiang Night Market Address:
At the intersection of Tze Chiang Road and Heping Road, Hualien City.




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