Nanbin Night Market Hualien, Taiwan, Day 6 (III)


Hualien Taiwan

After our tiring day cycling through the Taroko National Park, we went back to City Corner to freshen up a bit and went to Nanbin Night Market (南濱夜市) for dinner.  In my understanding, “night markets” are usually associated with lots of food.  But Nanbin night market has more entertainment than food.  Gary and I walked around for a while and discovered familiar games which I played during my childhood years in Taiwan.

Balloon Darting Game.  You get 15 darts for NTD50.  The prize you get depends on how many balloons you burst.

Hooping game where you hoop your own prize.

Fishing game using paper nets.  Since the net is made of paper, it is easily torn once it gets soaked in the water.  The trick is, you gotta get the fish into the net quickly, lift it up with grace and put it into the plastic bowl provided before the paper gets soaked in the water for too long.

Pinball Game.

The games were inviting, but after walking around for a bit, we found there were limited food stalls at Nanbin Night Market, so we decided to go to Tze Chiang Night Market again for dinner.

Nanbin Night Market Address
Haibin Street, Hualien City, Taiwan.  (花蓮縣花蓮市海濱街)



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