Lu Fung Jade Workshop Hualien, Taiwan, Day 5 (IV)


Hualien Taiwan

The Lu Fung Jade Workshop (如豐琢玉工坊) is my favorite part, where I could process the jade myself!  I love the little lane that leads to the workshop.  The walls had some not-so precious jade lined up against it and had photos of the jade processing workflow. 

Step 1 – Cutting the jade into smaller pieces.
Step 2 & 3  – Cutting the jade into various shapes and designs.

Step 4 – Smoothening the edges.

Step 5 – Jade Polishing.

Step 6 –  Jade Assembly.

Now, it is my turn to process my jade!  There’s a plate of jade in shapes of heart, water droplets and Taiwan where you can choose from.

There’s 4 stations to process your jade.

Smoothening the edges of the jade.

You need skills to smoothen the jade because it’s not easy with the grinding wheel so close to your fingertips.   I manged to smoothen parts of the jade and the workshop owner came to the rescue to help me complete the jade smoothening.

Polishing jade with the grinding wheel again. Look at my very fearful hands…..

And look at these fearless hands so close to the wheel!
And tada ! Here’s my jade!

Jade on display at the souvenir shop.

Lu Fung Jade Workshop can arrange for jade-hunt tour as well at Baibao Creek (白鮑溪), or White Abalone Creek.  Baibao Creek is also ideal for river trekking.

Lu Fung Jade Workshop from the outside.

Lu Fung Official Website (In Mandarin)
Address: No. 91 Zhongxiao Street, Shoufong Township, Hualien, Taiwan.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +8863 865 2323
Cost of DIY Jade Experience – between NTD 450 – 700 depending on the size of jade you choose.
Cost of Jade Hunt at Baibao Creek- NTD 1200.

More Info on Taiwanese Jade, Various Workshops and Various Activities (All in mandarin but you can use the google translate for this website)



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