Lichuan Aquafarm Hualien, Taiwan, Day 5 (III)


Hualien Taiwan

Lichuan Aquafarm (立川漁場) is the only place in Taiwan that produces the golden clams (黃金蜆).   These fresh-water clams are considered a national treasure of Taiwan because they are high in nutritional value, and in particular, extremely beneficial for the liver.  The golden clams are results of advance technology whereby water quality, algae breeding and soil types are thoroughly researched.

You can enjoy picking up your own golden clams in the pond and eat them at their restaurant “Five Loaves Two Fish” (五餅二魚).  Other delicacies in the restaurant include steamed silver perch and salt-grilled tilapia.  We didn’t have time nor the stomach to try any of these as we were still full from the live jumping shrimps.

But, we did manage to squeeze in some golden clam essence ice-cream!

The golden clam essence ice-cream tastes like, well, ice cream! I was sort of expecting a fishy-smell ice-cream because of the clams, but no there was no fishy smell, just all the goodness of the golden clam essence!

Not only do they add golden clam essence to ice-cream, they incorporate the essence into a lot of things including coffee, lime juice, nougats, candies, and calcium tablets.  You can find all the products in the souvenir shop.

There’s also the Golden Clam Museum where you can find out more about Lichuan Aquafarm, the research process, and the manufacturing process of golden clam essence.  Average 200 pieces of clams are used to manufacture one bottle of essence.  The manufacturing process also received international certification including ISO 22000, CAP and  HACCP.

Fish pond next to the golden clam pond.

Lichuan Aquafarm Site Map

Lichuan Aquafarm Official Website (In Chinese)
Address: No. 45, Yuchi Rd., Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
Tel: +8863-865-1333
Opening Hours 10:00-20:00 Daily.

Lichuan Aquafarm Restaurant  (五餅二魚)



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