Liyu Lake Hualien, Taiwan, Day 5 (II)

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Hualien Taiwan

Liyu Lake (鯉魚潭) is a place to enjoy leisure activities, right at the foot of Liyu Mountain. 

There’s the pedal boats and the kayaks.

The 4km track encircling the lake and the 5km bicycle trail (bikes are available for rental).

The viewing tower.

The wetland field next to the lake.

Liyu Lake Site Map.

The row of shop lots right next to the lake with restaurants and souvenir shops.

The jade souvenir shop.

Inside the jade souvenir shop.

And best of all, you can eat “live jumping shrimps” right next to the lake, which was what I was really after 😀 It is one of the must-tries when you are in Hualien!

More information
Liyu Lake
Address: No.100, Huantan N. Rd., Chinan Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County.



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