Manmei Pork Knuckel in Hualien, Taiwan

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Hualien Taiwan

One of the must eats when you go to Hualien is the Manmei Pork Knuckle (滿妹豬脚).  Tourists love it, the locals love it!
This Hakka style pork knuckle is braised until tender and chewy with soya sauce and Chinese herbs.  What I love the most about this dish is there’s plenty of collagen which is good for skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles 😀  Another irresistible part about this dish, is the fats.  I don’t normally eat the fats from pork because, well, it’s fattening with high cholesterol and all the health reasons.  But, the pork knuckle is braised until so soft the fat just melts in your mouth and that oiliness is a perfect combination with the lean part of the pork knuckle.

Manmei Pork Knuckle has been around for 43 years.  “Manmei”, is the name of the old lady seen in the picture below, and is also the founder of this dish.  She has already passed away and now her son has taken over.   She received lots of media coverage from food shows in Taiwan.  When you walk into the restaurant, you will see a lot of photos of her and famous food show hosts.
Seating area.

Manmei Pork Knuckle seen from the outside.

We were lucky to get a seat because if we had come after the tour buses, we would have no place to sit.
Our  accidental discovery of this beautiful sea of orange and white flowers right outside of Manmei Pork Knuckle.

Address: No. 10, Wànsēn Road, Fonglin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 975
Tel: +886 3 875 1298



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