Live Jumping Shrimps at Liyu Lake, Hualien, Taiwan.

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Hualien Taiwan

A must-eat in Hualien is the “live jumping shrimp” – 活跳蝦.  There’s a lot of restaurants selling this right next to Liyu Lake.

These shrimps are taken directly from the tanks and seasoned with lots of garlic, chilli, soya sauce and rice wine.

When the bowl of shrimps first comes to your table, it is covered by a red plate to prevent the shrimps from jumping onto the table (and splashing soya sauce all over your shirt).  You have to wait for about 3 minutes for the shrimps to stop jumping (or to get drunk in the rice wine?), then only you dig in your chopsticks.

I felt very cruel eating these live jumping shrimps at first.  But I convinced myself, hey, sashimi is raw too! Eventually  I sent the first shrimp into my mouth.  The shrimp was heavily seasoned to cover the fishy smell.  It was crunchy, with a bit of sweetness quite like eating amai ebi.

If you dont’ like raw things, there’s also the fried version of the shrimps. You can mix the shrimps with white bait as well.

Or, you could try battered shrimps.

I was surprised to see Jin Jin asparagus juice 津津蘆筍汁in the store as it’s not a mainstream drink.  It is a Taiwanese drink and has been around for 60 years.  Before Coca Cola and Sprite, Jin Jin asparagus juice was a popular drink in Taiwan in the 80’s, in restaurants, supermarkets and night markets.  But today, the boss of this company is not running the company anymore, leaving the employees of the company dealing with the production, sales and everything to do with the company. If you have a chance, give this
a try !

The menu.

The restaurant from the outside.

Other similar restaurants along the street.

Address:No.100, Huantan N. Rd., Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan.

More Info on Liyu Lake

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