Ching Xiu Temple, Hualien, Taiwan, Day 5 (I)


Hualien Taiwan

We reached Hualien at 11.30am via Taroko express.  After checking in at City Corner, we went on a half day tour by cab.  The cab service was recommended by City Corner.

We went along the east rift valley, going to 5 different places.  Ching Xiu Temple, Liyu Lake, Lichuan Fishery,  Lu-Fung Jade Workshop and Lintian Mountain.  That’s me again being too greedy wanting to see too many places all in one go!

In front of Ching Xiu Temple at Jian Township.
During the Japanese colonial period (1895 – 1945), the Japanese

wanted to ease the burden of dense population in their home land, thus started an immigrant village project.  During the process, the Japanese government relocated its citizens from Japan to Hualien.  The temple was built in 1971 to give the Japanese immigrants religious and spiritual support.  Ching Xiu Temple today is the best preserved Japanese temple in Taiwan.

The temple houses a stone monument which is believed to have disease-curing abilities.  Behind the monument, there is 88 statues of stone buddhas, from 88 different shrines from Shikoku, Japan.

Wooden Wishes at Ching Xiu Temple.

Bell at Ching Xiu Temple.

Peaceful atmosphere at Ching Xiu Temple.

A wall illustrating historical events in Hualien.

More Info
East Rift Valley

Ching Xiu Yuan’s official website
Ching Xiu Yuan
Address: No.345–1, Zhongxing Rd., Jian Township, Hualian County
TEL : +88603-8227121 ext.315
Opening Hours : Tuesday~Sunday, 8:00~17:00



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