Nanmen Market, Taipei, Taiwan, Day 4 (II)

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Taipei Taiwan

We went to Nanmen Market (南門市場) that’s just across the road from Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Nanmen Market is a great place to go to experience Taiwanese culture in a different way.   By  looking at the raw ingredients that the Taiwanese use to cook, the kind of snacks they eat, you get a glimpse into their daily lives through food!

Dried sausages, dried scallops, mullet roe and XO sauce.

Nanmen Market has 4 floors.  The basement floor sells general grocery supplies such as fruits, vegetables and meats.  The first floor sells cooked food for take away, dried goods such as ham, salted fish, mullet roe (recipe here), XO sauce and snacks.  The second and third floor sells clothing.  During the time we were there, a lot of the clothing shops were closed though.

Ham and salted fish on the first floor.

Candies on the first floor.

One of my favourite snacks – candied kidney beans (the reddish candy on the lower, middle part of the photo), together with other candies, nuts and cookies.

Dried bean curd – another one of my favourite snacks! The dried bean curd comes in all sorts of shapes, in shreds, in cubes, in thin pieces, in chunks and comes in all sorts of flavours too – original, chilli, black pepper, and garlic.

Cooked food on the first floor for take away.

Nanmen Market from the outside.

Nanmen Market along Roosevelt Road.

Address: No. 8, Section 9, Roosevelt Road, Taiwan.
How to get there: take the MRT to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Danshui Line, Exit 2.

More Info on Nanmen Market
Nanmen Market Official Website
Nanmen Market




  1. morris goh

    From my understanding with acquaintances and business people there during my last trip,the taipei city municipality goverment is going to tear down this market which has been in operation for years and most of these businesses are still there serving the people bcos of the close relationship between shopkeepers and their customers some of them even became friends.i hope the taipei city goverment will preserve this place which holds special memories for lots of people.why destroy something which serve you well and worth keeping.pse spare a thought for these shopkeepers and their families whose livelihood depends on their businesses and the people who has developed fond memories shopping there and the support given to the shopkeepers!Long live Taiwan!!!

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