Appointment with Ivy Bridal, Taipei, Taiwan, Day 2 (II)

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Pre Wedding Photography Taipei Taiwan

One of our “missions” of going to Taiwan was getting our pre-wedding photography done with Ivy Bridal in Taipei. 

After visiting the National Palace Museum, we went to Ivy Bridal to choose my dresses, Gary’s suits, and to meet up with the photographer and the make up artist.

They were excellent in their services in every way. Upon arrival, we were greeted by affable Peggy, with Taiwan’s most famous drink – the Bubble Tea. My “secretary” – Jing, was already waiting for me with a selection of dresses which she chose based on previous photos I had emailed her. When I saw the dresses, I actually didn’t like them too much. I tried on one or two and just really felt that those dresses were not suitable. I communicated again with Jing, and told her that I prefer elaborate dresses with details rather than plain dresses (preferably with lots of bling bling!).

She told me not to worry, if I don’t like the dresses, just choose more and try on until I am satisfied. She was really patient with me and after our communication, she understood what I wanted and immediately she was able to recommend dresses to me. I ended up choosing 7 dresses and was unable to eliminate one dress! The in-house tailor and Jing knew that I needed to eliminate one dress as there was no way I could complete the shoot in one day if I were to have 7 dresses.  They told me they will alter all seven dresses for me to see which one fits best and in the mean time, I should go with Gary to choose his suits. 

The suits were not provided by Ivy Bridal, but by GEM  just down the road. The basic package of one white suit, one black suite was already inclusive in our package with Ivy Bridal. If you want more stylish suits, you can top up and choose different designs. Our sales person – Miss Gu, gave good advises on how to mix and match the suits and the vest. She was a little pushy in a funny way as she was always saying that “Gary looks so much better in this suit !” (pointing to the expensive suite !)  Gary liked their suits and ended up tailoring one suit with GEM.

When we went back to Ivy Bridal again, I was still fickle minded and couldn’t choose which dress to eliminate. In the end, I asked the girls around to vote for which dress to eliminate – and that was how I made my decision!

When we were done with the dresses, we met with Sammi, my make-up artist. I brought photos of hair styles and make up I liked and she was able to assign different hair styles to match the dresses I chose. We didn’t discuss too much about the accessories, but during the photo shoot, all the accessories she chose matched perfectly well with my dresses.

Then finally we met up with Josh, our photographer.  We first discussed about the what kind of photos we like and where we would like to go for the shoot.  One of the places I had in mind was Yeliu.  He gave us sincere suggestion that lately the weather around Yeliu had not been good, and it would be safer if we chose another location.  After we finalized our route, he matched the dresses to each location.  The greenish blue dress for the vintage Bopiliao Old Street, the grand wedding gown for the Roman-like building at Tatung University, the cheerful yellow dress for Tatun flower Farm, the elegant wedding gown for the boats and the church at the same flower farm, the silver bling bling night gown at Shimen Weddign Plaza, and finally the red dress to end the shoot with the sunset at Linshan Cape.   

Phew! That was a lot of work, choosing dresses, suits, discussing with the make-up artist and the photographer.  No joke, it took us 5 hours doing getting all the things sorted out…. So, if you are planning to get your pre-wedding photos done, remember to set aside at least half a day for all the preparation!

Ivy Bridal
Address: N0. 42, Aiguo East Street, Taipei.
Tel : +88602-23560388
e-mail:[email protected]

Address: No. 36, Section 1, Mingquan East Road, JongShang District, Taipei.
Tel: +8862-235118611




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