Taipei 101 and Xinyi Shopping District, Day 1 (II)


Taipei Taiwan

Taipei 101 is Taipei’s icon.  The 101 Mall is at the base of the building with offices on the higher floors, indoor observatory on the 89th floor and an outdoor observatory on the 91st floor.  We did not go in the building, but just viewed it from afar. I like Taipei 101 better during the night.  As a comparison, I think the 101 looks a little too prim and proper during the day but it is a lovely demure lady during the night.

Taipei 101 is situated in the Xinyi District, near the City Hall MRT station, where there are lots of malls around including Shinkong Mitsukoshi, Bella Vita, ATT 4 Fun, Hankyu Taipei and Neo 19 (website information below).  It’s a shopping heaven with a blend of high-end fashion, local Taiwanese brands and other international brands.  You can reach all the shopping malls by taking the MRT to City Hall Station.  Take Exit 2 for Hankyu Taipei and take Exit 1 for the rest of the shopping malls.

We went to the shopping district, not for the shopping, but to stroll along the beautifully lit walkway at Shinkong Mitsukoshi.  There were street performers along the walkway, singing oldies with a big caption screen at the back for you to sing along.  The music, the lights, the breeze made a perfect evening stroll for us before getting dinner at Sanji Ramen.

Street Performer along the walkway.

Website Information

Taipei 101
Taipei 101 in depth

Shinkong Mitsukoshi
ATT 4 Fun
Bella Vita
Hankyu Taipei



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