Sanji Ramen at ATT 4 Fun, Taipei, Taiwan (山士麵家 )


Taipei Taiwan

After strolling along the Xinyi Shopping District, we decided to eat at ATT 4 Fun (a shopping center), not due to any particular reason, but simply because there was a display of restaurants outside on an advertisement board and it was easy for us to see what choices we had.

So why did we eat in a Japanese restaurant when we were in Taiwan? We actually chose a Taiwanese restaurant, but it was quite late and the restaurant had already closed the last order.  We ended up eating in the restaurant next door – Sanji Ramen.  Sanji Ramen in fact was an excellent restaurant to eat in.  I would also say that Taiwan has a high acceptance for Japanese food, culture and you can easily find good Japanese restaurants along the streets of Taipei.

You can order a la carte or a dinner st.  We took the dinner set which was inclusive of ramen, appetizer, and a drink, by just adding on NTD 75 on top of the ramen price (range from NTD 160 – NTD 240).

Appetizer: Green bean salad with white sesame/tofu sauce.  At first I thought the sauce tasted like hummus, but in fact it was an interesting combination of white sesame and tofu.

Appetizer: Lotus salad with pamelo.  The pamelo was very fragrant, but slightly too sour for my taste buds.

Both appetizers were not bad and had creative combinations but you could tell that the appetizers were prepared in large amounts so I found the taste to be less refined.

When it came to the ramen, both the ramen were excellent !

Gary ordered the Kagoshima Style Ramen 鹿兒島三士拉麵. It was a creamy, white-soup ramen with roast pork belly, bean sprouts and onsen egg.  The soup was really tasty, as a result of pork bones being stewed for a long time, extracting all the marrow essence.   Both the pork belly and onsen egg were done with care. Roast pork belly was tender with crispy skin and the onsen egg was just nice with the yolk oozing out.

I ordered the 黑潮三士拉麵, which literally translates to “Black Tide Ramen”.  It used same soup base as the Kagoshima-style ramen but it was a bit more creamier with the addition of ample amount of black sesame.  An amusing and intriguing combination.  Totally loved it !

The Menu.

Interior of Sanji Ramen.

Plastic food models on display on shelves.

I loved it at Sanji Ramen.  Ramen was good, our orders came speedily, service was reasonable and it had an Japanese ambience that you could almost mistakenly think you are in Japan. If you happen to shop at ATT 4 Fun, drop by Sanji Ramen and give it a try!

ATT 4 Fun

Sanji Ramen

5th Floor, ATT 4 Fun Xinyi Branch,
12 Song Shou Road, Xinyi District,
Taipei City.

台北市信義區松壽路12號 ATT信義店5樓
門市 電話 / Tel: 02-7737-5188 門市傳真 / Fax: 02-7737-5199
客服專線 / Customer Service : 02-6615-8828
客服信箱 / email: [email protected]



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