Food! Yongfu Fuzhou Style Fish Ball Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan.


Taipei Taiwan

Gary got pretty hungary after arriving at the hotel as he didn’t eat much on the plane.  The hotel that we stayed in, Neijiang Hotel, was super convenient as it had a lot of typical, local food around (also known as 小吃).  This restaurant, Yongfu Fuzhou Style Fish Ball Restaurant, was a just a few doors away from us.  One thing I find about food in Taiwan, is that it’s always good ! Whether it is night-market street food, simple local food, casual dining or fine dining! Yongfu Restaurant of course did not contradict my finding:)

Pork Nugget Soup

The restaurant’s name suggests that the main thing it’s selling would be fish balls, but it had a lot of other traditional Taiwanese dishes.  Gary ordered the pork nugget noodle soup (肉羹麵).  You can choose the type of noodle that you want: rice noodles or yellow noodles.  Although from the picture the soup looks pretty plain, but you will be able to find shredded carrots, mushrooms,  and bamboo shoots in the soup.  The soup is cooked via a typical way of cooking in Taiwan, the soup is starchy with a taste of bonito fish.  It all goes so well with a dash of coriander !

What I had was the Combination Soup (綜合羹), which included their recommended Fuzhou style fish ball (the one in white), mushroom pork-ball (the round one), and various types of pork nugget.  The soup base used was the same.

Fuzhou style fish ball is different from other types of fish ball as it is a little more fancier.  It has pork stuffing inside rather than just a plain fish ball.  Here is the fish ball dissected!

There was also other simple dishes on the menu such as tofu and blanched vegetable with soya sauce.

Their pork nugget and fish ball seemed to be pretty popular as the restaurant put up a lot of them at the side for take away.

The restaurant on the outside.

Simple set-up of the restaurant on the inside.

Here’s a copy of the menu.  The items on the menu range from NTD 20 to NTD 70 (good and cheap!).  The menu is all in Chinese, but there’s food displayed on the preparation bench so you should be able to order your food by pointing to what you want 🙂

Address of the Restaurant: 43 Neijiang Street, Taipei City.  (just a few doors away from Neijiang Hotel across the street).  You can go there by taking the MRT,  get off at Ximen Station, Exit 2.

Tel: 02-23313654



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