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Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi – Panorama Skycab and Seven-Wells Waterfall- Day 3

On the 3rd day of our trip in Langkawi, we went for the Langkawi cable car aka “Langkawi Panorama Skycab”.   The base station is located in the Oriental Village in Pantai Kok, at the f00t  of Machincang Mountain.   The Oriental Village would be a good place to buy souvenirs,  feed fish at the pond (which is what I am doing in the picture), and to take photos with pythons wrapped around you!

Initially I was not so keen to go on the skycab as I am afraid of heights, and I have been on cable cars quite a few times elsewhere.  But i decided to go on it and withstand the fear as I wanted to see the sky bridge.

As soon as I saw the sky bridge hanging in the sky, all the fear went away as my attention was caught by the magnificent structure hanging in the sky.  No regrets about this decision and would highly recommend this spot to everyone (even the ones that are afraid of heights).

Magnificent structure hanging in the sky:

The skycab travelled upwards for about 15 minutes or so from the base station to the 1st viewing platform, where you can get off and spend just about 15 minutes to look around as the 1st viewing platform is relatively small compared to the 2nd one.

View from the 1st viewing platform:

The skycab would take another 5 minutes to reach the second viewing platform, where you can spend quite a fair bit of your time walking the sky bridge, enjoy the breeze and the view of clusters of islands that surround Langkawi.

View from 2nd platform that overlooks the bridge.

On the bridge itself:

There’s a short hike for 5-10 minutes from the viewing platform to descend to the sky-birdge, so it would be a good idea to wear shoes with a good grip.

Our next destination was the 7-wells waterfall (or Telaga Tujuh in Malay), which was just 10-15  minutes drive away from the Oriental Village.  We did a short 10 minutes trail before reaching the waterfall.  Along the way, we kept wondering if we are on the right track as there was no sound of waterfall at all ! It turned out that it was dry season and there was not much water but bare rocks only…… unlucky 🙁  But otherwise we would have been able to see the 7 wells of water streaming down at various heights and converging as one water fall.

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