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Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi – Tapaz, Underwater World and Shopping at Kuah Town – Day 2

We started our day with brunch at 12pm at Tapaz Restaurant at Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour.  The scenery was very beautiful; there was  the sun, the blue sky,  the yachts floating around, and the brightly colored restaurants.  As it was still kinda early for lunch, it was also very serene because there was hardly anyone else besides Gary and I.  The whole Quay belonged to the two of us (and the waiters at the restaurants) for about 30 minutes before other tourists came for food.

At Tapaz Restaurant

I started off my brunch with a huge glass of sungria, probably equivalent to half a bottle of wine.  The sangria had lots of fresh fruits and a good amount of alcohol inside so I think I got a little bit tipsy when I was only half way through the drink (but then again my alcohol tolerance is not exactly that great so maybe somebody else drinking the sangria would not have any tipsy effect).

We ordered the chicken liver pate and a tapaz platter for two.  The chicken liver pate was smooth and went really well with the chewy home-made bread (it tasted quite homely to me at least).   The size of the chicken pate must be one of the largest I’ve seen as well! It came in a souffle cup!

The tapaz platter was fantastic ! There were fried calamari, prawn in garlic olive oil, omelette, sausage with mustard and button mushrooms (hiding behind the fried calamari).

We really liked the whole atmosphere the restaurant presented as a whole.  The colors of the restaurant decoration had that strong Spanish vibrant feel, the food was great, and the price was reasonable ( around RM100 for 2), would definitely come back here again. But I would come back in the night-time as it was really hot during our meal ! Now I know why there was not many people at lunch…

Our next stop was the Panorama Langkawi Skycab. As it was a public holiday, the line was so long we really didn’t want to spend so much time waiting.  We tried waiting, but gave up after 30 minutes and went to the Underwater World.  So make note in your plans to not go to the skycab during public holidays, or if you do, go early  in the morning to avoid wasting too much time at the queue.

Underwater World was a must-go for Gary because he is a big fan of fisheys and I am not.  There were a few different categories of animals – reptiles, marine, freshwater tropical forest, sub-antarctic and temperate.

I enjoyed the visit but I had shorter attention spans for some sections. When it came to the sub-antarctic and the temperate sections, I must say I enjoy watching the penguins more than anything else.

Rockhopper Penguin – I like his yellow eye brows.  He looks mad in this picture…

Black Footed (African) Penguins.

As we exited the Underwater World, there was a duty – free shop right next to it.  If you are pressed for time, you can do all your duty-free shopping here instead of going to Kuah Town.  Chocolates, alcohol, Corelle and Corningware, etc.

During the night, we went to Kuah Town to do some pots and pans shopping for our up-coming new house.  We looked around quite a few duty-free shops to compare prices.  The prices are more or less similar between various shops so you don’t have to worry about maybe some shops might have higher prices than others.  If you are a Corelle lover, you will go crazy here ! All sorts of designs with all sorts of shapes.  Big plates, small plates, fish plates, bowls, soup bowls, tea cups…. etc etc.  Other brands included Pyrex, Tefal, La Gourmet and Luminarc.

We ended up buying one Corelle set of bowls and plates, and one set of La Gourmet pots (set of 3 pots).  The price was really good as it was about 40% off compared to other places in Malaysia.  I havent opened the sets as I am waiting to shift them to the new house, but I did open up two plates for the sake of taking photos 🙂

I just can’t resist Corelle kitchenware I dont know why.  The last time I was in Langkawi I didn’t d0 much except for work, I didn’t drink much as I was there for work,  I didn’t go anywhere much except staying inside the hotel and went once to Kuah Town, I didn’t even buy too much chocolates as I was watching my diet, but what I did do was I hand-carried a set of three super heavy Corelle pots (S, M, L) all the way back home with me…

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