Korean Scallion Pancake – Modified


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Mum bought a lot of scallions today and there was a lot of flour… hence the Korean Scallion Pancake !

Recipe for the pancake

Bunch of scallions – chopped.

2 cups of all purpose flour.

1 1/2 cup of water.

2 eggs.

5 squid balls – diced.  (These squid balls are hand-carried all the way from Taiwan, but you can use alternatives such as crab-meat sticks or other types of sea food).

Pinch of salt.

Recipe for the dipping sauce

6 tbs black vinegar

3tsp light soya sauce

pinch of chilli powder

2tsp white sesame seeds


1. Mix flour, water, eggs and salt together.

2.  Normally the scallion in korean pancakes is not stir fried, but added to the batter as is.  I modified a little bit such that I stir fried the scallions and the diced squid balls until lightly browned. I find stir-frying gives a better aroma to the pancake.

Now combine all the ingredients.

And cook until both sides are browned.






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