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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Sri Hartamas

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Hartamas Mall, KL

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Hartamas Mall @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1
Rakuzen (樂膳) has a few oulets in KL.  I’ve been to the one in Empire Shopping Gallery, in Publika Mall, and the one in this post, in Hartamas Mall.  The food at all the outlets are extremely consistent and I am always confident that which ever outlet I step into, I will be able to repeat the same dining experience.      Continue reading

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Restaurant Tian Xia @ Balakong, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Restaurant Tian Xia @ Balakong, Kuala Lumpur, Malysia 9
Restaurant Tian Xia (天下美味園) is located in a most unlikely place, inside the Sin Onn Temple (星安廟) just across from the Jaya Juco in Balakong.  Furthermore, you would have thought it’s a vegetarian restaurant since it’s inside a temple, but it’s not, it has just as many carnivorous selections as any other restaurants.     Continue reading

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