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15 Things to do around Komodo National Park @ Indonesia

The Komodo National Park is full of wilderness.  It is here that you get to see the world’s largest prehistoric lizard – the Komodo Dragon.  While seeing the Komodo Dragon is the most popular activity to do in the region, don’t forget about island hopping, snorkelling, and getting acquainted with the locals ! Continue reading

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Travel Contest – Dream Trip to Komodo Island, Indonesia

Visiting the Komodo Island in Indonesia is possibly as close as it gets to visiting Jurassic Park.  Today, there is a chance to win yourself an all-expenses-paid trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see the komodo dragons with your own eyes.  On top of that, you’ll also receive pocket money of 5 million rupiah (about USD 370) for some shopping !  The Travel Contest is organized by the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia.  You are only four steps away from this dream trip.   Continue reading

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