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Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort @ Sekinchan, Malaysia

**2015 Update on Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort  : I stayed here in 2014 and found everything average.  Not particularly wow, nor not particularly terrible; and not politically involved .  But I am receiving a lot of negative feedbacks in 2015 about the place (read comments below), please rethink your choices.**

Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort is one of the largest accommodation establishments in Sekinchan with the beach right behind the hotel.  With a theme of romantic white, the hotel rate is decent starting at RM 100 + and above, comparing to other hotels that are homestays or converted from commercial shoplots with rates from RM 50 and above.      Continue reading

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Fireflies @ Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Kuala Selangor, a little town 60 – 90 minutes away from KL, it is mysterious and mesmerizing at night with the little twinkling bugs – the fireflies, or “kelip – kelip ” in Malay.  “Kelip-kelip” is such a cute name because “kelip” itself means to twinkle, and to “kelip” twice means firefly!  There are two places where you can check out these dazzling bugs – the Firefly Park at Kampung Kuantan and Firefly Resort at Kampung Bukit Belimbing.  Viewing is best on a moonless night.   Continue reading

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Cafe Cross-Legged @ Petaling Jaya @ Malaysia

cross-legged-cafe-petaling-jaya-pj 14
Cafe Cross-Legged in Kota Damansara, PJ, is a fusion cafe, serving original recipes with a twist and with a thought for the health conscious. Starting with my favorite dish, the smoke chicken rice is not your usual gingery, soy sauce Hainanese chicken rice, but it is succulent chicken breast smoked to tender with a uniqe woody taste topped with a dash of black pepper. The rice is a bit of a surprise as it is fluffy and fragrant with mixed herbs.

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