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Valentino Bridal Cafe @ Ipoh

Well known for their unique levitation pre-wedding photography, Valentino Bridal House has also ventured into cafe business.  Glamorous in seductive red and opulent black, the candle-lit cafe with its lovey dovey music in the background and the occasional live piano music will undoubtedly bring two hearts closer.  There aren’t a whole lot of items on the menu but food is exquisite with contemporary plating.  If you happen to be doing a bridal shoot there, visit the cafe afterwards and not before, or otherwise you won’t be able to “levitate” ! Continue reading

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Gomok @ Ipoh

If you are an Ipohan, you’ve probably come across “Gomok” at the corner shoplot while roaming about in new town.  Gomok has a round chubby dude as its mascot and oh dear does that mean that we will become “gemuk”(fat)  after eating at Gomok? Gemuk or not, Gomok is a fun addition to the handful of halal cafes in Ipoh, serving Malay and Western cuisine.

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