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Dessert @ Cafe All Inn Ipoh

Ipoh Malaysia

Cafe All Inn
is one of my favourite dessert (“tong sui”) places in Ipoh.   Gary and I initially had one dessert each.  But the desserts were so good we decided to order one more to share.  Gary ordered the herbal jelly with red beans.  Typically the herbal jelly is eaten with honey to mask off the slightly bitter taste from the jelly.  Cafe All Inn makes use of favourite dessert ingredients of south east Asia, red beans and coconut milk, giving an original taste to the herbal jelly.

I ordered the saigo with fruits.  The saigo is chewy and bouncy to the tongue.  It is a fun and colorful desert with the sweetness coming from the coconut milk and a splash of fruits.

The third dessert that we ordered was the white fungus with longan and egg.  I haven’t tried much desserts with eggs before so I decided to try.  There’s a faint taste of the egg in the sugary soup and I like white fungus in general because it is a beauty-dessert that is high in collagen, which is good for skin 🙂  This dessert is not too bad and looks yummy visually.  However, I do find the dessert too sweet for my liking, and the concept of hard-boiled eggs in a dessert is not as appealing to me.

Other desserts that are on the menu include black glutinous rice, pineapple + kiwi fruit on shaved ice, aloe vera + red dates + longan on shaved ice and aloe vera + apple on shaved ice.

Side view of Cafe All Inn.

Front view of Cafe All In.

I love both the herbal jelly and the saigo! It’s the kind of dessert that I will keep ordering every time I return to the shop and never get sick of.  I look forward to trying their other desserts on the menu the next time I go:)

At the intersection of Jalan Bandar Timah and Jalan Panglima, Ipoh Perak.

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Langkawi Itinerary – 4 Days 3 Nights

Langkawi Malaysia

Our Langkawi itinerary was quite relaxed, not so much of rushing around to go to the next destination or the next city.  We took our sweet time going from place to place, and spent some time by the pool and the beach.  But if you are tight for time, I think you can still use my itinerary for a 3 days 2 nights stay.  Here is our actual itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrival at Langkawi  Continue reading

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Langkawi – Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Day 4

Langkawi Malaysia

The Kilim Geoforest Park received its Unesco World Heritage status in 2007. When you are in Langkawi, the only way reach the park would be taking the boat tour (if yo have a helicopter, that would be different story…)

We took the 2 hour boat tour which included visits to: Bat Cave, Fish Farm, Eagle Feeding, Mangrove Sightseeing, Crocodile Cave, Open Sea (Andaman Sea) and Kilim Geoforest Park.  The package was by the boat, 2 hours for RM180 so if you are backpacking, this tour can be pricey.

First Stop : Bat Cave

We walked through the limestone cave that had bats hanging off the ceiling.  It’s actually not as scary as I thought it would be.  The bats were pretty docile and just stayed where they were although there were a lot of tourists walking beneath them.  Would be a good idea to rent torches at the entrance of the cave for you to see better in the cave.

Second Stop: Fish Farm with Mangrove sightseeing along the way.

Reaching the fish farm:

The fish farm tour is perhaps the most educational part of my Langkawi trip and my favourite part in the Kilim Geoforest Package.

Did you know that the blood of horse shoe crab is being researched as anti-cancer drug? And it costs RM 10,000 per crab!The fish farm dude as a way to illustrate to us that the crab is totally harmless, put the crab on his head and told us that the crab is a good head massager! Lol!

Did you know that the spitting fish can aim precisely and spit few meters high, with the force strong enough to shoot down insects from the tress? You can view the spitting fish video here.  The fish farm dude also asked us to place one finger at the edge of the floor plank, the fish actually aimed at our fingers and spat on our fingers!

 Another fun bit in the fish farm would be  stingray feeding (with the poisonous barb removed of course…).  They can actually turn over on their backs so you can rub their white bellies, kinda similar to rubbing a dog’s belly.   The fish farm dude told us that the sting ray had no teeth and can’t bite, so we could put our hands into the stingrays’ mouth to feed it (which gave me a funny tingling sensation).

Next Stop: Eagle Feeding

To say eagle feeding, would be  a marketing gimmick used by the tour company because really there was no feeding but just watching the eagles fly.  But honestly, it would be pretty scary to have wild eagles charging at you trying to eat food off your hand….  nonetheless, we enjoyed our close encounters with the eagles ! We sighted up to 4 eagles at one time flying around.

Next Stop: Crocodile Cave

Crocodile cave really meant cave that used to have crocodiles.  The boatman took us in and out of the cave.

Next Stop: Kilim Geopark and Andaman Sea.


The boat took us around the geopark, where we could see beautiful limestone landscape and geological formation on Andaman Sea.  If you are from Malaysia and have travelled the North-South highway between Kuala Kangsar and Kuala Lumpur, the landscape on the highway is quite similar to the limestone landscape in the geopark, except one is on land, and one is on sea.

The Geoforest Park tour marked the end of our journey in Langkawi. The tour was seemingly short but it was surprisingly eventful.

We went back to the hotel, picked up our over-weight luggage (yep, too much duty-free shopping) and  adios, till next time !

Websites which you may find useful:

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