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20 Things to do in Koh Samui @ Thailand

Koh Samui is a little island in Thailand that’s easy to go around by car or motorbike.  In this list of 20 Things toDo in Koh Samui, I’ve listed mostly things I’ve done.  But surely there’s more than 20 things to do in Koh Samui right ? So, at the end of the list, I’ve listed 21 other things that I did not get to try with their (official) website information to make the list more comprehensive.     Continue reading

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A Guide to 33 Cafes in Damansara Uptown

Cafe hopping remains as one of Malaysians’ favorite past-time activities – just look at the numbers of cafes that are increasing day by day and the number of instagram posts related to cafes, and you would understand.  I’ve decided to pick Damansara Uptown and explore the cafes in this area.  You’ll find pretty much everything here .  The cafes in Damansara Uptown can be categorised as follows : Korean cafes, Japanese cafes, tea cafes, ice cream cafes, dessert cafes, cafes with strength in food, cafes with strength in coffee, cafes high on creativity in food, cafes with more basic items but much more affordable than other cafes and lastly organic / vegetarian cafes. You’ll need a lot of time to visit all the cafes.  Use this Cafe Guide to Damansara Uptown and Happy Cafe Hopping ! Continue reading

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Open Rice App Review and 3 x RM100 Voucher Giveaway @ Malaysia

Many of us can’t live without our smart phones and apps these days.  You open the phone, there’s WhatsApp for communication, there’s Waze to get you to where you want, then there’s the Open Rice App to get you to what you want to eat [Do read further to see details of 3 x RM 100 Aeon Voucher Giveaway at the end of the post].   Continue reading

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