Marhaba Restaurant @ Sunway 8

Marhaba Yemeni Restaurant @ Sunway

Marhaba Restaurant serves traditional Yemeni cuisine, hiring chefs from Yemen and the Middle East region, ensuring the authenticity of the food.  Spices are incorporated into the dishes subtly yet the role they play in accentuating the food is undismissable. “Exotic” was the first word that came to mind when I stepped into Marhaba.  Mosaic lamps…

TWT Cafe Ipoh 2

TWT Cafe @ Ipoh

TWT stands for “Tea, Warmer, Treat” and as you have guessed it, it’s a cafe to go for meals and tea ! There’s only a handful of cafes in Ipoh that focuses on tea instead of coffee, could tea be the next hot trend amidst the craze for coffee ?

Pawn Shop Museum Macau 11

Pawn Shop Museum @ Macau

“Pawning” is an integral part of Macau’s cultural history which dates back to the Qing Dynasty period.  Macau was blessed as it was never involved in wars and it was the place where the mainland Chinese sought refuge during the Sino-Japanese War (1938 – 1945). It was about the same time that pawn shops started to…